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ABELLA is a story about an enslaved girl embracing her unique singing gift with the help of an elderly white music teacher. Once freed, she moves to France and, with newly found fortune, spearheads their first black female-led abolitionist movement. The audiobook includes 26 traditional and original spirituals.


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS : Parris Lane, Harold "Homeboy" Wilson, Parold Entertainment Inc

PRODUCER : Parris Lane

CO-PRODUCERS : James Gardiner

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER : Valiant Koa, Harold "Chuck" Lloyd, Harold "Homeboy" Wilson


AUTHOR : Parris Lane

NARRATOR : Parris Lane

VOCALIST : Parris Lane

PIANO : Elektra Schmidt, Bruce Loeb, Dontell White

VIOLIN : Raphaella Brown

RECORDED : Moe Daniels Productions, Baltimore, MD
ENGINEER : Moe Daniels

RECORDED : Paige Studios, Crofton, MD
ENGINEER : Harold "Chuck" Lloyd

RECORDED, MIXED & MASTERED : Pajama Studios, Oakland CA

ENGINEER : James Gardiner

TRIGGER WARNING: Actual events inspire some of the following stories. It is a known fact that many of us unknowingly are suffering from Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome. Please be aware that as you listen to Abella, you may find yourself re-living certain events and time. It could be overwhelming, and one may lose a sense of their surroundings. Know that this is also a normal response. So please, do not put yourself and others in danger as you listen. Do not drive, work with anything dangerous or hazardous, or be in compromising positions.